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Orchard Capital Management’s approach dates back to the founding of Harris Associates, one of the world’s largest active value managers with $140 billion under management. As a research-driven value investment manager our team is solely focused on small cap value investing. We take pride in managing institutional and family office separate accounts with strategies dating back over 15 years and launched a related Mutual Fund offering in 2015.


Orchard's intrinsic value strategies employ a consistent and disciplined approach with an emphasis on fundamental research to develop proprietary knowledge about potential investments. We use this knowledge to develop a best possible estimate of intrinsic value and strive to generate excess returns by investing at a significant discount to that intrinsic value.

Our approach was created to challenge market assumptions. When we evaluate investment ideas, we use a team approach to ensure that each idea is thoroughly examined and challenged.


  • A secure capital structure

  • Sustainable profitability or underlying asset value

  • A misunderstood story or knowledge that our view is differentiated from the market

  • Significant discount to intrinsic value


  • Long-term perspective

  • Value is a necessity

  • Bottom-up fundamental research

  • Group dissection of all investment ideas

  • Proprietary knowledge enables differentiated intrinsic value judgments

  • Investing at a significant discount to intrinsic value drives excess returns


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